Accounting and bookkeeping services

Our offer, which is aimed both at individual and institutional clients, includes bookkeeping. According to existing legislation ,legal entities operating in Poland must keep full accounting in the form of financial records which is the base of audit concerning the financial status of the enterprise. For smaller businesses, whose turnover does not exceed €1.2 million, legislator has anticipated the possibility of simplified accounting through keeping the revenue and expense ledger which is the base of tax return. Apart from both of those accounting methods we can provide you with complex HR and payroll services of enterprises and accounting consultancy.

Precise list of provided services below:

  • opening charts of accounts best fit to our client’s business
  • verification of documents with the regards to accounting
  • setting up and maintaining accounting records including VAT purchase register
  • preparing a statement of turnover and balances of control account for each month
  • setting up and keeping records of fixed assets and intangible assets owned by our client’s company
  • drawing up essential reports arising from appropriate tax rules and statistical acts etc.
  • composing balance sheet of profit and loss account with adequate statement
  • forecast for banks and other financial institutions
  • managerial reports - as additional service for owners and company’s board of directors. The goal of this task is to show selected accounting information to enable drafting an analysis of company’s activities.

HR and payroll services

In our offer you may find:

  • calculation of remuneration for employees
  • keeping personal files and updating it in accordance with law
  • keeping full record of payroll files
  • calculation and shipment of social insurance statements
  • certificates regarding employment and income of employees

Revenue and expense ledger

As part of our services we also take care of:

  • verification of documents with respect to accounting rules
  • keeping record of economic events
  • keeping record of fixed assets
  • keeping record of equipment
  • ensuring settlements with the Social Insurance Institution (ZUS) and with Revenue Office (US)
  • preparing tax declarations (monthly and annually)


Due to the nature of each cooperation our prices are being set on the path of negotiations. Things that are taken into considerations are type and quantity of documents that are drawn up each month. The experience and knowledge of our employees, which they gained during many years of practice, allows us to keep the accounts of companies from various fields. We invite you to use our services.

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